RuneBase is a 718 Runescape Private Server that is just unparalleled in quality in the mass amounts of content. Our server files, here at the point of release are 750+ MB. Most servers, weather they are 317s or 718, are mostly under 200 MB, usually under 50 MB in size. This just proves that the amount of content we have in our server is enormous. 

The amount of stuff we have on this server is insane. Check out it's forums here to get a sense of how it works, maybe before you play it! Some of the many features are: QBD, KBD Perfect Combat, and Switching, Friendly Staff and we're looking for more as well, all skills work, as well as four quests. There are about 6 Minigames out at the moment, each with it's own rewards. Nice systems included to keep cheaters away; dupes, multi-log and more. There is a donator zone, for supportive players, and even more!

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